how strange, a post without me realising i have posted it.

21 Sep

london 9.05am cloudy 15.2C monday 2015

london 12.35pm dark clouds 15.2C monday

it is a phantom post. i saw it just now in my wordpress reader. just the first line, showing london 9.05am etc. and nothing else. i wrote it earlier this morning but did not feel like writing anything… i definitely did not post it, but it seems wordpress posted it for me without my knowledge. hmm, i did not know it does that. 

ah well, i have been to the library and got back and had my lunch (two fried eggs , and cheese on toast and coffee) so a lot of time have gone by. i enjoy the pottering around, walking about to and fro and gives me some exercise.

 the post man came at about 9am, and luckily i answered the entry buzzer,(sometimes i ignore it) he got a large parcel for simon.

i was supposed to go visit my friend for lunch today, but when i texted him last night telling him i will be at his place at 12.30pm, he rang back to say he wants to cancel it, as he got a lodger to interview. so our meet up will be on friday instead. glad he rang back otherwise i would be going there for nothing. he said he texted me, but i did not receive any text. perhaps i switch my mobile off and so any text sent wont be kept. hmm that might be one of the disadvantages of not keeping my mobile on all the time. ah well, that is why i always confirm before the date just to make sure it is still on. come thursday i shall do that too, confirm the friday date.

i got an email invitation for a naked party from a regular host. at first i was going to not go, but i think i should. it is the only invitation i get nowadays because all the others i have always given a answer saying i cannot make it and after always not accepting the invite, people tend not to ask me again.

oh i shall enjoy the party as i go for the social, rather than the sexual aspect of it. i dont know if it is just me, but i get the impression nothing is going on in london. i was in regents st yesterday on sunday, and it was very quiet, the pavements were just nearly empty of people, and hamleys ( the toy shop) was so uncrowded that i was persuaded to enter it, and just browse around the ground floor looking at the toys. rather expensive toys £20 or so, i came out after one circuit.

even the tv programs are rather boring, but i think that is just me. the new series of downton abbey and a new adaptation of the go-between (by L P hartley). i did not see them. i saw the old version starring julie christie, but did not think much of it then, so i doubt i would like this new version. i dont know why it should affect him as a little boy to have blighted his life as an adult;  i mean he was just used as a messenger boy. maybe he did something that cause the two lovers to be caught… i think i miss that in the first version, and now i just feel too lazy to read the book.

the game of thrones got lots of emmy awards, i suppose that is news to some, but i just could not get excited about it as i dont watch the series, nor do i stand the books. i like fantasy novels but this one seem to have pass me by. i read a bit of it, but it never did catch my fancy.

i think i shall just stick to reading the books i borrowed from the library. they are a nice selection of stuff that i like. 


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