satin island

22 Sep

london 4.09pm cloudy, occasional rain heavy at times, 14.1C tuesday 2015

saw tom Mccarthy’s book satin island on the new book shelf, and took it to read whilst my chrome book is charging. i have read a review of it online. it is quite interesting, i read half the book and decided to borrow it. it is like him trying to study modern man and modern life, as if he is studying primitive societies. and also him trying to find a unifying theory to tie up all the bits and bobs of seemingly unrelated events that happen in life and coming to one big great explanation of what it is all about.  so far i have no idea why he chose that title for his book. 

added 8.09pm. finished the book. ( it did not take me that long. there was a long shopping trip i made in between the library and now)

i dont quite see the plot of it, maybe there isn’t any.

i enjoy it for the stream of consciousness style of writing and the huge amount of research help he must have got to come up with all that bits and bobs of information and ideas. i can imagine it written as a blog with all the post listed and numbered as he had done… each paragraph in each chapter has a distinct number. for eg, the 6.7 being the 7th paragraph in chapter 6.

it is rather arbitrary what is put in the paragraphs. at least it is to me.

 sometimes it is entirely different subject matter, other times it is a continuation of a story. but the whole thing reminds me of someone who is blogging , in a stream of consciousness way writing whatever comes to mind, or whatever took his attention, via news, or other people, or just remembering something; stopping writing when he has run out of things or ideas for that moment  and then resuming posting another paragraph when he is inspired to write again and differentiating one post from another by adding a number to that chapter. it was interesting enough and intrigueing enough to keep me reading till the end and finish off the book in one day. it is a fascinating exercise. still dont know what it is all about, though. haha. 


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