london turned down hosting the tour de france grand depart in 2017. good!

29 Sep

london 1.51pm sunny 19.2C tuesday 2015

glad that boris johnson saw sense and scuppered it. £35million for a one day event is not worth it.

i thought it was hosting the whole thing, but when i found out it is just hosting the grand opening of it, it makes even less sense. why ask all those participants to come to london just for one day to cycle and then all go off somewhere else the rest of the time? ridiculous.

i think they went in to bid for it, thinking the govt will subsidise it, (like in the past)and when the govt refused, so that tfl have to fund it all by themselves,they really have no choice but to leave. the govt gave their answer very late in the day, that is why it  went so close to the wire, making them inform the organisers that they are leaving on the brink of signing the contract.  

i think there is another cost to it that most people dont include. by not hosting this one day event, london would not suffer the loss of business that the disruption of traffic and movement in london caused by the event would inflict on london businesses and that amount of money must be incalculable high. it is an unknown calculation and that is why it is not taken into consideration whenever these big events are taking place.

there is also the added security bill for such events. that must be considerable. i have a feeling that big events like this will get few takers to host it in the future. it will get to be too costly.

the figures they quote is suspect. what percentage of those figures will have gone to london even without the event?  and what percentage of lost businesses to london because of that event discouraging people from coming to london? not to mention the frustration of us who live here at the disruption to buses and road blocks. no one pays us for that loss in our lives, the tempers frayed reducing our life span … haha.

i think tour de france should pay us to host it, seeing we are advertising their name. i wonder why it is not held in the country it is named after. maybe even france got fed up with them. haha. 

One Response to “london turned down hosting the tour de france grand depart in 2017. good!”

  1. MELewis Tuesday September 29, 2015 at 3:46 pm #

    I agree. Although I don’t follow it (or any other sport for that matter), why call it the Tour de France if goes outside that country? I think like lots of things this event has grown too big for its britches!

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