commercial free space to hangout in for free

1 Oct

london 8.06am thursday sunny 12.3C 2015

it does not exist in london, just my wistful wishing. actually it does, i just remembered the shopping malls , westfield in shepherds bush and in stratford are great free commercial spaces that allows u to hang around free. 

but it does exist in los angeles, i read it on my wordpress this morning. talking of this open air top floor restoration hardware store in melrose avenue. they provide a place to hang out at no charge for as long as u like. i cannot think of a similar space in london. though of course we can hang out for as long as we like in public spaces like parks or squares (in soho square they even provide pingpong tables and bats) etc, but not in a business store. perhaps it is not so crucial because very few commercial places have such great views. they could do with that concept of providing free space for the public to go to in any of those skyscrapers, that are in the city of london, but i know of only one, that have a garden that is open for the public, free, but u have to book online weeks in advance.

perhaps it is not crucial, these free spaces in commercial businesses; after all any of the public parks or squares are good enough, not to mention anywhere along the shores of the thames are free to sit and enjoy; and they dont take a lot of effort to get to.

and i think in los angeles, people might prefer to go to venice beach instead where they can people- watch as well as lie on the sand and soak up the sun. 

oh wait a bit, the bankside tate gallery has free -to- access balconies overlooking the thames, and that as far as i know is free to access. so u can go there, but i think u have to be very discrete if u are going to bring your own food there to eat. but u could just as enjoyably sit anywhere in the space at ground level and see the thames and its river traffic flowing by and watch people as well.

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