usually food reviews are high on praise but not this one

4 Oct

london 8.57am sunny 11.7C

a sharp contrast this food review of a restaurant called sackville’s. it is rare, in fact, i have never read one like this ever. most food reviewers are in the business of working in cahoots with eating places to boost them, not to tear them down. it is a survival tactic, no one will ever ask you to review them if u are known for your critical reviews. so this place must have really been bad … but so bad that the reviewer could not finish the food on the plate??? and when food is returned uneaten, it did not prompt the maitre d’ to ask why? has anyone else eaten there, and is it really that bad? 

something he said make me sit up and notice. he said when he was younger, he would get excited at the mention of truffles, quote ‘I began to notice something:  fresh truffles don’t taste of much or, to be honest, anything at all’.unquote.

i have not eaten truffles, and feel i have been left out of that experience. everywhere i read,  truffles are to die for and you hear of pigs snuffling it out in the woods and people going gaga over it. but it does not taste of anything… is it the smell that is nice? and  is that all there is to it? just the smell? like the smell of freshly brewed coffee?

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