blatant profiteering in china

6 Oct

london 7.25pm tuesday 2015

when we go to china, we foreigners know we will be shafted, and are resigned to it; but from this report, it seems china shafts even its own people if they dont come from the same region.

the restaurant is in qingdao ( god, how i hate their spelling, it is impossible to know how it is pronounced. q’s are impossible to pronounce and there are too much of it in that language. could it be chingdao,or jingdao.) i googled it and find it is a coastal town near beijing. the customer is from nanjing, near shanghai. so it is the typical northerner fleecing a southerner,( to him)… everyone is a southerner to a beijinger’s eyes. haha..

here is an owner saying he charges 38 yuan (£4) for each prawn. what a laugh, this is pure profiteering and cheating one of his own citizens, just because he comes from another part of china.

like some of the comments said it is shameful that the authorities do not cut down that owner to size and fine him heavily for misleading advertising of prices and for profiteering. i would jail him myself. 

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