jim butcher, the aeronaut’s windlass

7 Oct

london wednesday 2015 drizzling,14.4C  18.04pm

yesterday after going to the opening of a erotic exhibition in the strand, i wandered onto trafalgar square and into the book shop at the corner there. there were loads of books on display, and i saw this one by jim butcher. a new book of his, start of a new series too. 

 and read a chapter whilst there and it captured my attention because it got a heroine who is not a namby pamby weak female character. i think he knows we sci-fi readers dont like weak females. i don’t. haha.

i am allready a fan of his, via his harry dresden series, so to be with him at the start of a new series is exciting. i saw this book  in my library this morning and immediately borrowed it and read it on the bus to aldi to do my shopping. they got some real good bargains 59p for a pack of 3 sweet peppers. i wanted to buy their gala apples a pack for the same price but it was all sold out. 

anyway  this author has a  load of ideas , he is a prolific writer. i am a late comer to him, as i had confused him with tim butcher, who i know as the author of blood river, which i like; but it is not a sci fi novel.

i just realise i am now reading all the first novels of his 3 series.  

added 9.10.15 i have finished reading the book. it is not as accomplished as his other two series. reading the others , it flows well and the whole thing is well thought out. this one, the world is not well thought out. it must be difficult to create a whole new world with strange technology, usually the technology is not described in detail, kept purposely vague so that people will accept it but this one he goes into great detail about the technology, and it does form quite a lot of the story, and the details can be jarring, and inconsistent. anyway, after finishing the book, i try to analyse how i feel about this story… it is just so so. and it says a lot for what i really feel about it, that i dont have a desire to read any more followups to this series.

of course, he might do a better job with the next book of the series, and that this is just a setup , to set the scene, and so might be limited by that. 

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