electricity bill july-sept2015, half year flat service charge estimate oct2015-april2016

8 Oct

london 1.31pm sunny 16.7C thursday

two bills came in the post today. i am posting them for my own reference. just to see what the cost of my living is like if i look back from the future.

my electricity bill 2 july-1oct 2015 256kwh over 92 days@16.67p/kwh = £42.68

0.46p per day

2.78kwh per day 

it’s gone up from the 2.59kwh per day last time. the only change i have done is to switch on the defrost button on my fridge. ice still formed on the sides of the freezer box, so i am wondering if it is that effective. i might just switch it off and manually defrost it myself.

estimated charge for service charge of my flat 1oct 2015-31march2016 =£776.28

it is an estimated charge, so i hope it will be reduced when the final figures comes in. 

with the half yearly water bill of £153 due this month, it is a heavy outgoing month. there is also the monthly council tax of £67. fortunately these are bills that i know i will incur and so can pay them.

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