cloudless blue sky now

9 Oct

london 12.03am sunny 17.2C friday 2015

today is just an ordinary day, but the sky is so blue and not a cloud to mar it, i was walking to the library and just enjoy looking up at it, and just feeling the sun on me. i now chose a path that deliberately take me under the sun all the way.

and i get to hear of the haze affecting people in penang, and i am right glad i live here in london. it is frustrating to live with the haze or any obvious polluting of the air. it is not so bad if we cannot see it, at least it wont remind us of it all the time, but haze is so pervading and obvious. it is right in your face and you cannot escape it. that is why i think it is really much worst than particulate pollutants. and it makes it much worst that we  cannot do anything about it, and cannot find any one to blame, except some companies, or the indonesian govt. it does not help that the underground fires that caused it is really nature’s doing. i doubt it is manmade, it happens all over the world. i suppose indonesia could ask malaysia and singapore to contribute money and planes to scoop sea water up and dump them on fires to alleviate the effects, but you would need a lot of sea water and what damage that would do to the environment is anyone’s guess. and you still would not douse the fires, as it is way deep underground. it is the peat on fire.

i think i shall just enjoy this lovely blue sky i have here in london and be glad i dont have to worry about solving this haze problem.


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