woolich free ferry

9 Oct

london 6.31pm 16.4C friday 2015

it is not often we get anything free, and it seems the free ferry in woolich has been going on since 1889.

I actually have crossed the thames on it as a  foot passenger on one of the walks that they organise. in fact next weekend 17oct they are doing that  walk again which i went to in may… it takes also cars, and trucks, but it is quite slow. and that is a disadvantage really. you have to wait for the boat. so not only is the actual boat trip slow, but the wait can be a long one. 

if there is a bridge across near by i doubt traffic will want to use this. unless that bridge charges a toll, which i doubt. there is a foot tunnel under the thames at that point too, where cyclists and walkers can cross but it is a long tunnel much longer than the one at greenwich, because the river is wider here. that is why it is not popular, why bother to leg it when u can go across by ferry and it is all free? right?

any bridge across at this point will be a longer bridge than any bridge over the thames that exist at present. the river here is very wide. maybe they might consider a tunnel bridge.

this article asks if people will vote to keep this ferry once a bridge is built. its nice to have something free and cross the river by ferry for sentimental reasons and as an experience, or for the nostalgia, but to be practical it is foolish to keep this service if there is a bridge here.

of course, someone has to pay for that ferry, tfl (transport for london) pays it .(£50million for a 7yr contract, it will likely go up when that contract comes up for renewal. also the ferries are old, and may need replacing one day and that will cost).

what u might not know is that there are no shops or anything at the spot where the ferry lands, on both sides of the river. the river boats dont come here. why is there no commercial business near this ferry landing??? maybe river travel is not so pleasant…  i mean the tides flows up and down, and waters can be quite rough and fast flowing… there is nothing along the river bank eastwards to the sea. the estuary  would really benefit from a airport. but it wont happen now. 

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