going to the supermarket? or not?

10 Oct

london 7.43pm 15.1C saturday

such is my life, exciting … not.

saturday night and this is what all my excitement amounts to. haha. i must say i dont mind, as my club days and pub-bing days are over. some might lament it, but i think as you go older, your interests changes. thankfully it is very slow, the changes, so that u dont really noticed it, and unconsciously we, most of us anyway,adapt to it.

my theory is that the body undergo changes, and it takes some time for the mind to accept those changes , if at all. those of us who grow old gracefully come to accept those changes whilst those old people who still rave and rant at things around them simply do not recognise the change and continue to shake their fist at it. that guy who wrote  that poetry… that goes something like this…’ do not go gently into that night, rage, rage against the dying of the light’, is a guy who have not come to accept reality and that his body is not as good as it used to be.

but i decided not to bother going to the supermarket tonight. i went yesterday, and got everything i want. i think it (supermarkets i mean)can be a nice diversion and is a change from the routine, and sometimes u can get bargains from the reduced food shelves.

 when i was young, i crave changes, and being constantly doing things, and looking for new things to do. that changed now that i am older. for one thing, i feel as if i have done all those things, and there are not many things that are new anymore. that is what happens when u grow old, u have done quite a lot of things, or u have an idea of what the real nature of things are all about and dont envy others for doing it.

take for eg this review of a restaurant. i first heard of it from a newspaper article about their neon sign that they have, spelling out in japanese ‘prostitutes available‘. kurobuta restaurant. and then i read a review of a branch of it, and it talked on how nice the food is, but oh so expensive. and it did cross my mind that someone who have not lived would be real envious that there is such a restaurant that they will never be able to go to , it would be out of their reach, and they would never experience this wonderful food. those people might feel they are missing out on life’s pleasures. but i say to them , dont feel that is so.

if u live long enough u realise it is just people making up concoctions from the basic japanese style and adding their bits and pieces… the real experience can be had by eating the japanese foods prepared in the simplest way, unadorned and on its own except for some very subtle additions… which is the way the good traditional japanese cuisine is done in the first place. there the fresh ingredients unadulterated by any invented additions can be tasted to its fullest extant and appreciated. there is no need to add all these embellishments to the food, that simply mask the fresh and natural taste of ingredients. but that is what restaurants who cater to customers who just want fresh stimulation in their eating … each time they need more and more stimulus and extreme manipulation of tastes because their cravings for novelty and heightened tastes on jaded tastebuds demand it.  

so most of us in the know and have lived life a bit would discount all this posing from these overpriced restaurants as what they are… and that is why i am not so interested in trying them out. 


3 Responses to “going to the supermarket? or not?”

  1. Garfield Hug Monday October 12, 2015 at 2:34 pm #

    The visit to the supermarket is also the highlight of my day nowadays! But truth be told, even in University days, going Safeway or Waremart was my fave. I find supermarketing therapeutic and for me, the supermarket I visit is part of a huge mall and so I am out checking the shops there too 🙂

    • alifesgayventure Monday October 12, 2015 at 2:47 pm #

      ha yes, i forgot in singapore there are all the huge shopping malls which also have supermarkets inside them. when i was a student in singapore i use to hang around the malls, esp the chinatown one,( i forgot what it is called)because it was the nearest to the university campus on mount faber. it seems being a student we got lots of time to hang around. haha.

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