google doc and other things

10 Oct

london 6.34am 11.3C (sunrise 7.15am) saturday 2015

woke early today. in fact , i woke up about 4.30am. it is a great feeling to be able to get up whenever i like and just stay up as long as i like, and then go back to sleep later. 

saw this article about google doc going offline. i use google doc myself. only discovered it recently. it is great for putting in anything that i want to store, like my electricity reading, or any future events that i want to be reminded about. the good thing about it is that u can edit it so u can add or delete whatever you like. it seems u can add other people to it, and they can edit things too, but of course i dont do that. i dont add anyone as it is only for me to use. 

but this out of service  is news to me, because i did not notice any problems, but of course i dont go in there all the time. in fact if i am offline, i cannot access it. which can be a bother. 

google also have another app called notes. but u cannot paste anything in it so it is not very useful. but i can access it even if i am offline, so i use it for reminders. there must be an app called reminders that will flash up things that i have wanted to be notified when the time comes, but i have yet to find that app.

ah well, i just write down anything i need to be reminded off, on my calendar on the wall in my kitchen. its a home made one, using a A4 sheet of paper and ruled lines. its better than the commercial calendars, as there is so much more room to write things in each square that represent the days of the month. i dont even use new A4 sheets. i just use the backside of the junk mail letters that i get. they never use both sides of the letter. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i know people buy a new calendar each year, but i have been using the same one for ages. i just now went to the kitchen to have a look at it, to find out what year it was, and it is 2008. my my. how time flies. that wall calendar has been used for 7yrs. talk of recycling… is that a record i wonder?

6.57am the sky is lightening now even though sunrise is at 7.15am. looks like it will be a nice day. i read that oktoberfest was cancelled because of the crowds. it only costs £10 for food and drinks. no wonder it was so popular. they miscalculated and priced it too low. whatever made them price it so low? i bet they cancelled when they realised it, they will go bankrupt catering to all those drinkers if they had gone ahead. 4 days of non stop drinking … i wonder how they price it in germany, where oktoberfest is a age old tradition. is it free beer there or not? i cannot imagine it is free beer. so why dont they just copy what they do there and apply it here?  there was a beer fest of welsh beer recently in kingscross, i wonder how that went… they got a better system there with vouchers for a limited number of beers, (and small amounts of each too) no food, for £15.

edinburgh has come up with the problem of how to build new additional buildings whilst keeping its old buildings. it got planning permission to build a new hotel in the centre of a old building, unfortunately it looks like a turd, (wrapped in ribbons what’s more )haha. but maybe it should go ahead, at least people will take notice and it will be well known. ( in fact, it allready got planning permission, so it will be built) its part of a revival for that area which i am sure can do with it. the trouble with old buildings is that they are not easily adaptable to new ways of business and usage. these old buildings have really cramped insides whilst a few areas are too big and ornate. 

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