darbyshire place, riba stirling 2015prize

11 Oct

london 8.26am 11.8C sunny sunday

latest news added 15.10.15 winner is burntwood school, in wandsworth.

i remember when i first saw the contenders of the prize , that  i would have liked to see the floor plan of this social housing block, and here it is. each floor (all 5 floors, which include the groundfloor) contain 3 flats, one of which is a one bed, the others being 2beds. they have one combined bathroom/wc, even the 2beds. i think separate wc would be better. i know i am always glad that i got separate wc for my 2bed. it has its pros and cons though. it takes up space, similarly a separate kitchen. these flats have kitchens inside their living rooms. old flats have separate kitchens, that is why i like old flats. it is one of the things of modern living. flats are smaller. the 2nd bedroom is invariably a single bedroom. 

i got a card from the local estate agent advertising a one bed flat in my estate. i guess they are hoping some of us might use them to sell our flat too by saying they can get a good price for it. this asking price of this one bed is really high. the kitchen is big though. this place was built as one of the first social housing of the greater london council in 1898. interesting to compare then with the peabody flats now.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

it highlights how unaffordable flats are in london and housing associations like peabody should be encouraged and allowed to keep their flats for rent , rather than be sold off. so if only for this reason, it would be good if the darbyshire place wins the prize.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

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