12 Oct

london 7.56am sunny 9.9C monday 2015

saw this in the online evening standard. its a nice sunset, its nice,but i have seen better. haha. this one is too much red i think. but pictures of sunsets are difficult to take in its entirety… in that it is near impossible to capture the breadth and scope of it. so perhaps if u were there in person, it would be really something and the pictures do not do it justice. 

i like my sunsets with red tinged clouds, mixed with bright spots of yellow and other shades of red, and orange. it’s more colourful, and then there are the rays of light coming out of the setting sun, so add with rays for my ideal sunset, and scattered clouds strategically placed to give it shadow and drama.

 the changing view is the one to savour but it is very slow and gradual. you need to sit for a bit , no rushing, to enjoy a sunset. 

most of the time to us londoners, the buildings get in the way of a good sunset view. i get my sunset views when i walk over vauxhall bridge on my way to the tesco supermarket. i have to look back and sometimes the sunset sky is really very nice. but i have to look between the buildings. hah. but still, buildings in the foreground can give the scene a bit of perspective. 

those people living in the high rise in vauxhall, would get a nice view i suspect. 


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