humans are idiotic. or rather some of us are.

17 Oct

london 11.54am cloudy 12.3C saturday 2015

any rare species, just keep out of the way of us humans, don’t get discovered; or u will be collected haha. here is a story of such a scientist, who having found and caught a rare kingfisher promptly killed it to collect it. damn humans, i say. always wanting to collect things… all in the name of science of course. i dont quite see how collecting it will help keep the species alive.

let it alone, that is what i would say, would be the best way of ensuring it continues to breed. stupid humans! that is why i am not too concerned that humans might go extinct in future. haha. as a species we can be very stupid. we dont understand how ecology works… even though we think we are so intelligent. hah.


One Response to “humans are idiotic. or rather some of us are.”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday October 18, 2015 at 8:59 am #

    I can agree! As humans we are idiotic as we kill ourselves with pesticides and upsetting ecology. Volunteers have to clear the Singapore River as dopes throw plastic, styrofoam pacakaging etc. The same with beaches…plastic bags etc. I wish sense and sensibility prevails. Have a great Sunday my blog friend 🙂

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