modern life is just full of contracts.

18 Oct

london 4.31pm, 14.7C cloudy sunday 2015 sunset 6.01pm

law of contract is very pervasive, it inveigles its way throughout the fabric of modern life. and if u are not careful it can throw up hidden costs. take for eg this news item about a group of students sharing a flat or house. one of them died, from an overdose of ecstacy and the others were so upset that they did not want to live there anymore, so their university got them other accommodation. but they still have 6months of their lease to run. the landlord offered to allow them to sublet and find new tenants to take over but they did not accept it. so now the landlord is sueing their parents who are their guarantors for 6months rent. and i daresay costs as well. the parents say he is awful to sue them for that, but it is the law of contract. very clearly states that the students have entered into that, signed and sealed and have to pay up. any court will uphold that. 

then there is this case of a mother having to pay the debt incurred by her 21 yr old mentally handicaped son. it seems the mobile company kept sending him new mobile phones, because he managed to convince them to send it to him, (god knows how he did it, quite clever when u think of it, even i could not see how you can convince them to send u so many mobile phones just like that) and he sold them on and of course those phones have to be paid for.  which the mother says the company was irresponsible to have done it. but yet again, the company is not to know that the son is mentally deficient. the mother should have put the contract under her name and gave the mobile phone to the son. that way any request for new phones etc would go to her. it is her mistake. but i suppose she wants someone else to pay for her mistake. quite a common thing in this country. 

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