roasting a chicken

18 Oct

london 9.44pm sunday 2015.

I read this method of roasting a chicken and thought it rather a waste of money. so much fuel spent. why cook it for 1.5hrs at 120C, then take it out and let it cool, while heating the now empty oven full blast on highest setting for 45mins, after which put in the cooled chicken for 15mins to brown it. why leave it full blast empty for 45mins? it is all a bloody waste of energy. if he wants to brown the chicken, why not put that oven to full blast for the last 15mins of that 1.5hrs at 120C. it makes me wonder if people have lost the skills and adding bits and bobs of their own.

i myself just season the chicken , open its legs, (that advise he gave about cutting the elastic that keeps the legs together is a good one, it shortens the cooking time. )and cook for 1hr at 200C. at the end of that time, leave the chicken dont take it out till 15mins later, so the remaining heat can continue to cook the chicken. the chicken will come out cooked and browned. and no fuss or bother. and u can roast veg in the oven at the same time too. i dont bother to pre boil the veg beforehand. just coat them with a bit of oil before hand by shaking them in some rapeseed oil in the roasting dish.

i think any method of cooking should try to use as little gas or electricity  to cook it as possible while producing a properly cooked dish. 

One Response to “roasting a chicken”

  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday October 20, 2015 at 2:46 pm #

    Great cooking tip! I also do that. I think it is an Asian way of cooking and not European way as they want it out of oven so that chicken is not dry I guess?!

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