lesson learnt, dont bother to stop shoplifters.

20 Oct

london 6.27pm tuesday 2015

another of those modern life scenarios. here is a man who apprehended a shoplifter by sitting on him and has been suspended pending the co-op who owns the store where he works, investigating him.

makes u wonder whether it is worth it really to stop shoplifters. just think about it for a minute. the boy was let off without even a caution. just banned from the store and pay back what he stole, and even then most probably only on goods he stole on the third visit of his shoplifting spree.

and now you get investigated by the company. instead of rewarding you for it. i think i would safely conclude i wont bother to stop shoplifters. let them, after all it is not my store, it belongs to a huge public company who can well afford it, or just raise the price of everything by 1p to cover the cost and let the customers pay for it. more fool they. haha. 

and look at it from the company’s point of view. if u get hurt, or hurt the shoplifter, they may well have to pay huge amounts of money. so it is worth the company to not encourage its workers to risk their lives stopping the shoplifters.

and what is to stop these shoplifters from attacking you outside work, to take revenge on you? hey? so all in all, better not try to save money for the owners. turn a blind eye to it. i know it is not civic minded, but nowadays the law dont like heroes.

and all those who think of fairmindedness and justice can stop and think. this is modern day life where there is a balance between big companies , customers, shoplifters, a self contained  ecology as it were. a mini environment with its stops and balances, this one is perfect, it is predators who are themselves predators on each other. isn’t that ideal? there are no prey… unless you think of the customers as prey… but customers dont have to shop there… 


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