result of shopping bag usage in scotland

20 Oct

london tuesday 10.9C 9.24am 2015 cloudy

scotland had the shopping bag price imposed one year ago, today. and the results are in. 80% reduction. scotland had previously used more per head than anyone else in uk. but in terms of figures, it is 800million bags compare to england which used 7.6billion bags last year. haha. so the impact of the price increase in england will be more significant when it gets reduced by this time next year. it is all to the good , this 5p charge on shopping bags. i am all for it. 

as usual you will get some idiots trying to over-react, by stealing the shopping carriers and trolleys. but they will get short shrift from the security people soon enough. its so easy to carry around a reusable bag, there is no excuse not to.

i like the method by sainsburys. where they dont even have any of those bags, just bags for life which is kept by the cashier. that way it stops people from taking the one off bags without paying. and they have bags for life, for almost the same cost as a one off bag. though this is not covered by the giving to charity. the supermarket can deduct the cost of the bags, etc, but since the whole exercise is not a money raising one for charity, this side effect is just that a side effect. the main aim is to reduce the shopping bags in the environment. 


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