talk talk have been hacked.

23 Oct

london 11.02am 13.4C cloudy friday 2015

it looks like it is the 3rd time … though frankly i am not worried. i am a talk talk customer, but unless you are foolish enough to let them access your laptop remotely, and to be fooled into a fake talktalk website and give them your bank details, etc, or even like a scam which was reported in the papers… the scammer ‘accidentally’ put in £5200 instead of £200 that he said was owed as a refund, and so ask the talktalk customer to send him the money to a cash account so that he wont lose his job for making that mistake. it is very sophisticated this scam, and not surprising that he fell for it. his first mistake was to allow that scammer access to his computer. that enabled him to find out if this guy is rich, and the rest follows. i remember once long ago when i was quite naive, i let a guy who said he was from microsoft access my laptop to find out why it was so slow. but luckily i have no money. ( i re read that, and just cant help laughing…  haha. i dont think there are many people who will call themselves lucky for not having money.  well times like these when it is nice not to be filthy rich. haha.) at least that is what i think, because i never got any calls later  asking me to transfer huge amounts of money to anyone. haha.

one have to admit humans are very clever and ingenious in cooking ways to part another of their species from their cash. haha. 

added. 3.01pm i got an email sent to me from talk talk telling me of this hack.the same info as given out by the newspaper article.

i have a feeling it is nothing to worry about.

it might be i might get some nuisance calls on my phone. recently i got a spate of them, calls that are silent when i pick them up. it does not faze me when i get them as i suspect it is a computer calling and it takes time for a human to respond. i always put down the phone if i dont get any respond to my hello. i dont bother to keep calling hello hello… and waiting for a response. nop, if it is my friends, they will just have to learn to be quicker to respond next time. haha. or call me again and be ready to respond quickly or else they will get a repeat. haha. 

i have a feeling that we shall all have to get used to these attacks, and stealing of personal data. and even if they sell the data , the final stage still depands on a person’s naivety in being deceived to give out their bank details . so basically just dont. and that is it. you stop any bad outcome dead in its tracks. nevermind how many million customers data they steal it wont do them any good as long as u dont finish the final stage and give them your bank details. 


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