storm in a tea cup

24 Oct

london 6.43pm raining 10.8C saturday 2015

i wonder if anyone is outside with this quite heavy rain going on now. i for one am very glad to be inside my flat looking out and getting that frisson of delight at escaping the rain.

but what the title of this post refer to is not the rain in london but the largest storm ever , hurricane patricia,category 5, that is supposed to hit mexico, which then got reduced to a category 2 . it shows we still cannot predict these things no matter how good we think we are. someone commented it is amazing how quickly it went from 5 to 2. no one died. i saw a news on tv about it with the newsreader remarking on it, and saying it is because the warnings came and people heeded it. but if the idiot storm decided to go flat on us no wonder no one died. in fact it would be amazing if anyone died with a category 2 storm. so just a storm in a teacup then.

here in the uk we dont name them, because there are so many of them, that is why.we only call it when it is unusual, and cause a lot of damage like the storm of ’89. since then i dont remember any other storm that is worthy to be named with the year it happened.

and this way storm comes and goes, and are comfortably forgotten as they should. 

this tendency to name storms in the americas make these kinds of pseudo drama happen quite often.

the british are apeing it too with the met office, (the infamous met office!!) saying it is having a competition asking for names so that they can start naming storms coming to the uk. hah!


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