closing borders

25 Oct

london 6.42am 7C sunday 2015 sunrise 6.41am sunset 4.47pm

woke up at 7am the old time, as i slept early and forgot to change the clocks. it is really 6am and still dark. but now it is bright even though sunrise was only 4mins ago, and looks like a sunny day. yesterday it would still be dark at this time. 

this headline made me wonder if that is the solution to the refugee crisis… let all the other Non EU countries lying along the path close their borders. now that serbia is threatening to close its borders, maybe when it does turkey will start to close its borders with syria, and thus close off the land route to europe. you can see if turkey closes its borders with syria, or stop encouraging them, it would stop the refugees from entering europe.  i bet now turkey let them run through their country maybe even facillate it by giving them free travel passes. after all the french are doing it hastening their flight to uk by giving free train passes to refugees.   that will reduce the numbers from syria. i think europe tried to make a deal with turkey by giving them more money to stop the refugees or contain them in turkey, but the turks dont buy that saying we are not a refugee camp. but if serbia closes its border… and it is doing so by building a fence now, and the water crossing to greece from turkey is blocked (a big if, as water crossing is hard to block) that will bottleneck the refugees in turkey.

 the african refugees will continue. but  the world is not so sympathetic to them, compared to syria. and if there is a way to make the northern african countries stop refugees crossing their borders , say if u return the refugees to them, they might start discouraging the refugees from going through their country. that may be the strategy the EU can take, to make the other countries that now hasten the refugees on their way to europe, realise that it is not getting rid of the refugees, and out of sheer own survival will stop any more refugees from using their country as a escape route to europe. 

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