news aggregators

28 Oct

london 7.56am rainy 12.5C wednesday 2015

i get my news from google , as well as other aggregating websites, so this news that the germans are sueing google and others to make them pay for linking their pages makes me wonder if they might not be cutting off their nose to spite their face.

after all, they tried to ban google from linking to some of their sites, and had to reverse that decision because the traffic to those sites dropped drastically.

so if they win this case, google and all the other news aggregates will stop linking to them and then they will be dead because not many will find them.

its one of the dilemmas that news websites have to contend with. give free content and u lose money, but charge viewers and people wont go to you. stop news aggregators from linking to your site, and you lose viewers. so what to do? if someone can come up with a formula which pleases everyone, they would win a fortune.

i wonder if they could do this. tell people that they cannot see everything on the website if they dont pay. i noticed now that the print newspapers contain stuff that is not seen in the website of that same newspaper. so allready we get the message that to get to see everything, u will be better off buying the print newspapers. 

for now, they have been pushing more and more intrusive ads on to viewers. i am beginning to notice it, but all it does is to irritate viewers. apple got a app that blocks ads, but it was too effective and they must have got a lot of complains because they took it off the market. their app blocks other adverts but allow adverts from apple. maybe there is some legal issues here that might make a successful case for sueing apple. that may be the only reason why it was pulled.

its a battle between viewers who want free content but dont want to see adverts that pays for it, and websites that need income to maintain their sites. in the end, perhaps viewers will have to tolerate more intrusive adverts just so they can still get the contents free. i can see a future when more and more power will be given to those sites that facillitate interaction between users. like google, or facebook, or twitter, search engines, the middle men as it were. its hard to call really, because the internet is evolving, and someone somewhere will invent something else that changes the game entirely. its rather exciting in a way. 

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