hottest day in november in uk

1 Nov

london 10.33pm 11.2C highest 18C

The UK’s November temperature record has been broken, with 22.4C (72.3F) being reached in mid Wales.

The temperature was recorded in Trawsgoed, Ceredigion, on Sunday afternoon.

The previous record was also in Wales, where temperatures reached 21.7C (71.1F) in Prestatyn in 1946.

fog in london made it cooler, so we got 18C highest temp.

can’t say it felt any warmer than usual. with clothes, the temperature of the air is not very noticeable. clothes keep me warm whatever the air temperature.

most places in the world would not think of 22C as that warm. haha. but taken in the context of it being november, which is the start of the cold season, it is worthy of note i suppose.  i think if there is a stiff breeze blowing we wont even notice it and just feel cold. haha. but today it has been windless.

all these seasonal changes make for a bit of variety in our lives. that is the nice thing about living in temperate climates. and also changes in food, as different things start coming into season and other foods leaving it. and lots of people like changing their summer clothes for warmer clothes.

i just have a thought, do u think places that dont have seasons make up for it by creating festivals just to bring in variety. so the chinese create moon cake festivals, etc, and the indians all those religious festivals celebrating one god/goddess or another. all for the sake of injecting some variety in their lives. 


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