i can use my library wifi now

1 Nov

london 12.21pm sunny 14C sunday

how nice! i can get online using the library wifi. so they must have fixed that weak diffie helman whatsist!! they have taken their time! maybe the big interest in hacking stories from talktalk et al, may have persuaded them to strengthen their security. 

the fog has lingered quite a long time, and it is a nice effect it gives to the air; very autumnal.

but now it is clear and it is sunny. the effect of the fog is like haze. obscuring the far views, but without the smell of burning. i read that the haze is going in malaysia, singapore now. so that must be a huge relief for those living there, though i fear it will come back every year. 

funny enough when it is the fog, no one feels upset and worry about pollution, and the effect on their lungs. it is a different story when it is the haze and then everyone wants someone to blame.

i wonder what causes fogs… isn’t it polluted air? as usual i google it and here is the answer to what caused fog in the morning. no , it is not pollution. though london used to be fogged in victorian times, and that was due to the coal fires… so maybe the fog in victorian times is really smog. 

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