illegal ravers removed

1 Nov

london 8.52am foggy (first fog of the season) 12.1C sunday 2015

last night my friend thought he heard something ( I myself did not hear anything, but then i am a bit deaf) and we thought it was the fireworks for halloween, but it seems that noise was from the police stopping the ravers doing an illegal rave across the river from us near lambeth bridge area.

i read it in the online paper this morning. i remember reading of a similar illegal rave happening some time ago but the police said there were so many they decided not to close it down as the huge numbers will be very unsafe to interrupt. that might have encouraged this latest incident, if the organisers feel the bigger the crowd the less the chance of police stopping it, they will try their luck.

but this one i think was advertised in facebook and the police got to  know of it, and so were able to intervene at the start. before too many people get to come.

i think the previous report that the huge numbers allowed the rave to continue encouraged some of these people to think they are immune from police action.

it is one of the paradox, of life, if they hold it in an obscure field somewhere, they will be relatively far from anyone, and so they can get away with it, but if it is too isolated, no one will turn up.

hold it in central london and you will get a big crowd, but the police will be more willing to shut it down too. it is a catch 22 situation.

i am thinking people want to find something to do. everywhere i look, i find people got a lot of time on their hands and not know what to do with it.

after work is over, what is there to do? so when a new film comes out, like sceptre, the new bond movie, plenty of people go to see it, even though this franchise have over stayed and is getting old and tired. they are running out of ideas to make it fresh with every new film. but people still go to see it. added. 2.11.15 just goes to show people are desperate for new things, the sceptre bond movie has grossed the highest opening week of all time in uk. though these statistics should be taken with a grain of salt. the cost to see films have gone up a lot too. so just because it has made a lot of money does not mean more people have gone to see it. 

anything new comes up, people flock to see it. so tell them there is a free venue where they can dance, of course it will bring in the crowds. u might say why not let them, what is the harm? the harm is when if u let one do it, it will open the gates to let others do it, and then u will get all these happening and life for the people living there will be hell. if u give people an inch they will take a yard. that is why. 

they are called free parties because The raves are called “free parties” not because they don’t charge for tickets, but because’ they’re free from restrictions. Nobody worries about smoking or taking drugs. “We let you do whatever you want,” says Nick. “Security only throws out those who act aggressively. You’ll get checked for glass and weapons. Otherwise, you’re totally free.” and it seems they have been around and reported in 2014.

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