is it rape?

3 Nov

london 10.04pm monday

i have just seen this bbc3 program. very interesting. the whole transcript is given here in a daily mirror article.

london 9.14am cloudy (not foggy at all just a little bit haha) 11.8C tuesday

what i came away with is that for straight men, they had better be careful when they have sex with a woman. they will have to at every stage ask the girl clearly do u agree to this? and wait for a verbal answer,( with the way things are going they might insist that nothing but a signed written consent will do) and even then, assess if the woman is too drunk to give consent.  it seems either way they will just have to stop the whole thing and leave. it will be so frustrating is so fraught that i think if i were straight i would go gay, rather than bother with all that hassle just to get my rocks off.  haha. 

added. even i myself did not know they have included oral sex in the definition of rape. in the past it was only vaginal sex without consent , then they include anal sex without consent but now i see they have included oral sex without consent. i think most of us would say oral sex inclusion in the definition of rape is a step too far. it should be part of another definition called sexual assault, which will hold a lesser sentence.

i will say this, what happened would be considered part of growing up and learning about life, in my day. so maybe i am a dinosaur who dont know about what rape is , but to me it is part of growing up and finding out what your limits are and then learning from it. it is part of the sexual exploration that u do when u are growing up. to jail a young person who is exploring the sexual world, and learning about it is a grave mistake on the part of society. that is what i think. and i hope society will realise it and change direction. like the witch hunts or the communist hunt in the usa in the past that destroyed a lot of innocent lives, it was madness then, a kind of mass hysteria. added. can they , whoever ‘they’ are , just change the definition of rape just like that without a debate or even without letting us men know about it? since when have they decreed that oral sex without consent falls within the definition of rape?


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