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8 Nov

london 9.56pm sunday 15.8C

not sure if my weather website is correct, but 15.8C at this time of night is really mild. yesterday i was browsing the supermarkets and saw morrisons were selling basmati rice 10kg , 2packs for £15. that is rather a good price. i tried to find out from the website if it is only basmati and not a mixture of inferior rice with basmati, as sometimes they do, and sell at a lower price. but there was no information. 

i was tempted to go and buy it, even though i might discover it is mixed rice;  especially since i saw their pork is also £2/kg.

this sunday, today, i will be going to the library at paddington to read the sunday papers and then i go on to another library. and i remember this sunday is remembrance day and so whitehall will be closed to buses.

so my plan was to take the bus number 2 to my stop and get back to take the shopping trolley that i have found years ago but never use. i would need the trolley because i intend to buy 20kg of that rice and it will be too heavy to carry. i dont have a bag for that trolley, because when i found it, it was missing its shopping bag. i only found the frame, but it has a seat that you can drop down, and i was so taken by that design that i kept the trolley anyway.

but guess what, i was walking from the paddington library to catch the bus to the other library and i passed a pile of stuff dispersed on the pavement. someone or some thing had disturbed the bags of stuff. and i saw a shopping bag lying there. i walked off and only realised that i could do with that, and returned to pick it up.

it turned out to be really useful. as it can be fitted over the trolley i found and it was stable. i was thinking of using a laundry bag as a shopping bag, but this one is better. so i got my rice and was able to transport it back without breaking my back. haha.

i can manage to carry 15kg, which i did the last time i bought so much rice. it was at asda in the old kent road. that cost £4 each 5lb bag. and so the weight was distributed nicely between two hands. that was why i could carry them. but this 20 kg really is heavy, even with the trolley i could feel the weight. ah well, i shall be ok for rice for 6 months now.

fortunately, the rice is unmixed and all basmati rice. otherwise i wont have bought it. in fact, i nearly did not buy it because there was only one bag on the shelf. and it was £9 if u buy just one. i asked the staff if they would let me buy the one bag for the reduced price, but he said no. i was returning it to the shelf, when i looked across the aisle and saw a stack of these bags on the other side. well i was very glad i saw it. the journey was not wasted after all. i could not find their pork for £2/kg but that does not matter as i got the rice. so that was my rice saga today. haha. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

 i haven’t thought much about shopping bags before this. its something we see around us all the time and so is invisible in a way. now i find myself looking at other people’s shopping bags esp if they are on wheels. i must say i like this one i found it is so colourful, and i hadn’t realised they can be so bright as most times i see quite dull versions.

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