the weather in october

9 Nov

london 6.51pm rosy clouds from the sun rising. monday 2015 10.8C

i found this page in the guardian giving a summary of the weather in october. there are links to the other months too. i try to remember what i experienced of the weather during those months, and try to relate it to what i read about that month in the guardian summary; but cant say i can. everything is a blur and merged altogether. haha. was it very wet in august in london this year? hmm. does it matter? haha. i enjoy the weather any old how anyway.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

[but i guess it is a human kind of curiosity to collate and to make a pattern of the findings. and to say oh, braemer was warmest and coldest in sept and oct. ya, that is a funny place , it happened around the end of sept and beginning of oct. that period must feel weird for the folks who live there… daytime so hot, and night plunging to minus temperature. it was both the warmest and the coldest place in the uk on the same day almost. haha. for someone who likes moderation in all things, it is a irritating place to live in. haha. (just joking… just; though it is bordering on ‘I mean it’ about it).

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