international taxation

10 Nov

london 11.19pm tuesday 2015

we all know that big corporations, like facebook, google, or international concerns like cafe nerro, can escape tax in the uk, by basing themselves off shore. well this small town in wales have come up with a plan that mimics them, and took themselves offshore. it seems they got approval for it with the taxman. crickhowell is the town and if successful they hope to spread their method all over the uk for others to copy in the hope that it will force the govt to do something to close the loophole that allow  these international companies that trade here in uk but dont pay their full wack.

its a dry subject… tax, and avoidance. and i dont blame you if your eyes start glazing over and u get restless and hit the escape button. 

america got round it by saying all american companies must pay tax no matter where they are trading … though even then facebook is keeping its earnings overseas to try to minimise paying tax on them. or trying to split the company , like yahoo , wanting to split its share of alibaba into a separate company.

to tell the truth, it is too complicated for me and boring too…so i guess i shall leave it to the accountants to play this cat and mouse game with the govt.

for us ordinary folks, it does not impinge on our lives, as we dont earn that much to make it worthwhile to salt away money in offshore funds.

it is even difficult to just go away into the wilderness and live a self sufficient life away from the taxman. all land is owned by someone or other nowadays there are no unclaimed land anymore where u can go and not be bothered by owners.

i hear of a doctor who disappeared when he was 26 yrs old, 20 yrs ago and is now found living in the wild. i wonder how he remained undiscovered for so long. but i think i would miss civilisation. much as this world is imperfect i would like to be in it, as modern amenities esp in london and my life is very convenient and time saving and enjoyable. i think whenever i am getting disatisfied with my life, not that i do, because i always look at the little things that make my life very nice to live and the modern conveniences do play a big part in persuading me that it is a nice time to be alive.

i am sure if others also look around their lives and see how modern conveniences really make this time so much nicer to live in than olden days in history, they too would be glad to be alive in this period. 


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