impossible promise

11 Nov

london 5.33pm 14.8C wednesday 2015

this is referring to the labour mayoral candidate saying he will freeze london fares for 4yrs. i think we all know that is undesireable.

not that we all wouldn’t like cheap fares, who wouldn’t? but we know somewhere else in the pipeline will suffer if we do.

and if u look at the big picture, there is allready huge overcrowding in all the transport network, so the price of fares now is not a deterrant. it would be good to raise it so that a lot of these extra people will seek another way… maybe cycle to work, or walk, or live nearer their place of work, or even take uber and share rides. but whatever they do to solve it, let them find alternatives if they think the tube and bus and train are too expensive.

as it is a lot are cycling, that should ease the crowds from the other transport; and what with the better cycle rideways being constructed, their journey will be a lot faster and safer. in fact, i can see how wide and extensive the new construction of dedicated cycle space is now. the vauxhall road works are the ones that i can see, and they certainly provide spacious cycle paths that are kept separated from the traffic. it makes the car drivers get more crowded and slow down their journey, so they are the ones who dont benefit. the jams for car traffic along the vauxhall bridge road is so great, extends all the way to victoria sometimes; it is best if car drivers avoid it altogether. 

so i know i wont be voting for the labour candidate for mayor of london. he hasn’t got any new ideas . wish he will be more creative and have new ways to suggest, otherwise what is the point of electing him, for him to start learning on the job and making mistakes that we , council tax payers, have to pay for, whilst he then goes on to other more lucrative work after his stint at being mayor of london. no thanks. 

added. 6.09pm  now i come to think of it, there was a suggestion of making the fare valid for 1hr, so anyone after paying for the first ride,can take any number of buses free within that hour. they do this in america, in san diego, where i personally had experience of that system (a long time ago so not sure if they still do it now).

now that idea is interesting and might add an extra something to this fare debate… but the present system where after 3 journeys the rest of it is free works just as well, without it being so complicated as the one -hour grace period. i can imagine a lot of arguements with the driver of how long is that hour and anger when someone is charged if it is exceeded by only 1min,5mins.

 if implemented it will  compensate those of us who live nearby and want just a short journey which in the past used to cost 70p. so a return will be £1.40. if they implement this one hour grace period , u can do your business travelling to and fro by bus within an hour and get it almost the same cost as in the past. 

added. 12.11.15 i picked up yesterdays evening standard and saw the khan promise. he also promised the 1hr free bus changes.  he is promising a lot of stuff that will cost us council tax payers a lot of money if he gets in, because u can bet any shortfall will have to come out of our pockets. 

added. 11.49am 12.11.15 thursday today news says fares will rise by 1% from 2.1.2016. single bus fares remain £1.50. link here is from telegraph. hope u can read it. will bring in additional £45million. 


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