local life

12 Nov

london 3.33pm 15.3C cloudy thursday 2015

i saw my downstairs neighbour getting into her flat when i went down just now to empty my recycle bag in the recycle bin just outside in the courtyard;  she said the bench they have paid for to commemorate a dead neighbour has been put in the wrong place. seems they paid £1400 for it, and she said for that price they jolly well want it where they want it. haha.

there are plenty of benches in the communal garden, so i think they dont want it there, and it was put in another courtyard not the courtyard they want;  even though not many people sit in the courtyards.

i sometimes bring out my collapsible canvas chair to the courtyard outside my flat,if i want to sunbathe there but now it is november, the chances of the sun being out is getting less and less as we approach winter.

i hope they put the bench in a sunny spot; they dont give much information on these benches about  who those people were that the bench is supposed to remember.

they just say the name/s, not even the dates they lived. as the years go by fewer people survive who can remember them at all.

i myself dont care if i am remembered or not, but i think there are some who want to be remembered.

well, when u see biographies written long after someone is dead and the liberties that are taken when they interpret that dead person’s life, i think maybe it is better to be forgotten… and when they make a film of it , it is even worst, the liberties that they take. i am thinking of all those films about steve job, the microsoft founder. its the one with kate winslet and fassbinder. i thought that film had a very record breaking opening weekend, but i read now that it has been pulled from the cinemas, after a poor showing on general release. it seems the public is not going to see it.

and yet they see the martian,its breaking box office it seems,  a purely fictitous film based on a book about an astronaut being stranded in mars. i guess people like fiction better than real life. its a space robinson crusoe story… do people still like to see that kind of story? people are always looking for new things to see and do. that appetite for such novelties is endless. is that what life is … the search for new things, all the time. is that the secret of life?

well, a more down to earth new thing is starbucks giving out 2 for 1 coffee drinks in the afternoon 2-5pm today and continue every day till sun15th nov. i saw it advertised in one of the email newsletters that i subscribe too. they dont advertise it in the papers, so not everyone knows of it. i suppose if u are desperate for it u might like to hang around starbucks durng those hours and just ask someone to get a free one for you when they order a coffee. why not, if u are brazen enough, or desperate enough for coffee. haha. 


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