12 Nov

london 7.15am 12.8C clear day thursday 2015

this article in a new magazine aeon, which i got from a newsfeed, explains about people who are in transition. not only male/female but race black/white and a weird one transdisabled. pretending to be disabled. there is a link in that page ‘how flexible is gender, what about sexual orientation.’ and asking people to join the conversation which i find more fascinating. do people who change genders change their sexual orientation too? one post by crispin sartwell is interesting. he posits that it is camouflage. he calls it aesthetics repertoires. it reminds me of nature documentaries where animals mimick what they wish to attract. or even plants mimicking female insects to attract male insects (like some orchid species). i saw a doc of it once, a david attenborough program showing a orchid that looks so much like a female wasp, that it attracts a lot of male wasps to futilely mate with it, and in the process they get dumped with pollen or a clump of pollen gets attached to them which then get to the stigma of another orchid when they start humping it… so the flower does it to get an advantage.  and might not those who trans be those who take on the colouring and appearance of what they hope to attract? so if we apply this hypothesis to all those egs of transition… what do we get? 

i have been puzzled why people trans, this article gives some insight into it, showing that it is not just happening now, but has been going on way into the past and in many different ways.

its people being attracted to a very different way of life, and immersing themselves in it. the title of the piece in aeon is imposters. stripped of everything, that is the basis of their deception. whatever they say, they are not what they say they are. but our world is quite tolerant of self expression, so if someone says it is what they are, we tend to accept them for it. esp if no one else is harmed by it. this has not always been so, in the past. 

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