bare breasted women in violent demonstration against catholic church in argentina

13 Nov

london 7.50am friday 13th 2015 10.1C clear

i saw this report about the annual demonstration of women baring their breasts and invading a cathedral in argentina. it seems so extraordinary that i wonder what is going on. they are protesting against the catholic church for its stand against abortion. but they are very violent about it. though i can see if they are peaceful they wont be noticed except in a purile way.

is abortion illegal in argentina, i wonder? well to ask it is to google it. and the answer is yes. so that might explain why they are so violent in their demonstration. unlike irish women who can travel to uk to get their abortions, argentinian women are trapped in their country.

here is a more balanced report of it. 

i dont see this reported anywhere in the papers in uk, so why not i wonder? maybe it is a chronic problem.  they will never agree to making abortion legal in argentina, because the forces against abortion are so strong and powerful. 


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