london fares for 2016

15 Nov

london 8.33am clear 15.3C monday 2015

rather good actually, not much increased.

it still penalise people who do short journeys but i guess this is ‘what u lose on the roundabout u gain on the swings’ sort of thing.

i remember when they removed the short journey fares and replaced it with a flat fare for any length of journey, it hit me, because i live in central london and all my bus journeys are short one. that was when i took to walking to soho, and then took to cycling there because it was quicker. that was when  i found a bike in the recycling bin. haha. it certainly gave me some needed exercise.

and the single bus fare crept up from 60p to £1.50 now. but it made more incentive to cycle, because u save more if u do. one of the perverse things about us humans. haha.

that is why i am not too concerned with raised prices. it is a good way to social engineer behaviour. make it so that people lose big or gain big if they do a certain thing, and you can make them do it or not do it.

with the fare structure now, it makes people think twice to start a journey but once started it does not take many journeys (only 3) to make it so that they can go wild and take as many journeys as they want. its great for tourists, who can take the bus to tour all round london and grab a wonderful slice of london at that all for £4.50

its front loaded so that practically everyone who uses the transport end up paying the full daily limit, and no more. so those who manage to  plan ahead and do all their travelling on one day gain an advantage. that would engineer a change of habit dont you think?

it’s a bit like charging for a shopping bag. i think that is a good bit of social engineering.


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