oh dear another change of format at wordpress

16 Nov

london 9.17pm monday 2015

i was wondering what to write about, when i opened my wordpress to write it, and i find everything looked very different. it takes a bit of getting used to… i wonder why they changed the format so much and so drastically, necessitating us having to learn all over again. ah well, i suppose it is necessary or so i hope. haha.

i was just thinking of writing a meandering post today like a stream of consciousness…

yesterday i went to the paddington library, and remembered there is a £1 shop nearby that sells razors. but i was unable to find the last set of razors i bought from them, which were 5 razors that can be fixed onto a holder. this time it was 6 disposable razors with its own holder. well, it is difficult to tell if these new ones i bought are longer lasting, and can be used more times than once. the only way is to buy them and use them. haha. it takes me quite a long time to finish them and if they are any good and i want to get some more, it is likely they will not be restocked when the time comes for me to buy some more. so my razors are very hit or miss and i dont have any favourite that i stick to come rain or shine or cost. when i go to the supermarket or boots the chemist and look at their stock of razors i am always surprised at how expensive they are. 

with me, i always find the razors can be used a lot of times, because i only have a small amount of hair on my upper lip and chin. and i dont need to shave every day either. so i do save quite a bit of money on shaving equipment. i find i dont even need shaving foam, just soap can do.

men have to pay full VAT on razors, unlike women who only pay 5% VAT on their tampons. and what is more, some men have to shave everyday, whilst women only need the tampons on average 4days in a month, during their periods… one study said they will use average of 8 tampons a day durng those 4 days, so they dont really use a lot over a lifetime, even though one feminist said they spend a lot of money over a lifetime…i did wonder what women in olden days before tampons were invented, what they use. they were able to cope quite well. makes u wonder if modern women are a very whiney lot. they complain when they are premenstrual, and they complain when they are postmenstrual. ah , glad i am not a woman. 

even then, the feminists have complained and wanted it to be VAT free… even saying mistakenly that men’s razors are VAT free. when they have been corrected that men pay full VAT on razors they dont issue an apology for telling lies.

i know one must not judge a whole group of people by the bad behaviour of some of them, but those few are very prominent feminists , so they really give the whole lot of them a bad name.

perhaps that is why so many men just let their hair grow a beard and moustache. though from  my own personal experience i dont like kissing men with beards so i dont like my lovers having beards or moustaches.

i am surprised more women dont complain of their men folk having beards.  and big bushy beards trap food when they eat. not a pleasant sight.

i read that people spend £100 a month on beauty products. my first thought was that it must mean women,with their makeup and all;  because i cannot imagine how men can rack up that amount… until i realise it is the razors. some of them may have so much hair everyday, they will use up a razor a day. and if they include contact lens as a beauty product, after all, it is to make them look good too instead of wearing glasses, than u can see how the cost mounts up.

today i saw morrisons online website were having shoulder pork for £2/kg, so decided to go there today and buy it.

i nearly miss seeing it, as it was hidden under neath the shelves right at the back.

i bought 2packs, one £4.80, the other £3.70, which is more than i usually buy but i thought i shall be using them anyway and so stock up. they are a good price, the cheapest that i can find on sale anywhere. and they are not fatty either. some of the leg joints costing more have more fat on them. they are meant to be roasted and that might explain why they want so much fat on them. as it is attached to the skin, which people like for the crackling. 

i cut up and freeze one pack(i am able to make 4 portions from it). when unfreezed later, those individual 4 packs can make at least 8meals and as many as 12. so in any dish, using these pork, the pork portion costs from 33p -50p each dish. from this u can get an inkling of why meat in a dish for me can cost so little. 

and made a soya sauce stewed pork dish with the other. soya sauce pork is really easy to do and delicious. if u got chinese dried mushrooms it is even better because the mushrooms soak up the soya sauce and the salt makes them delicious. the mushrooms also gives the stew a lovely flavour. i dont have mushrooms, so did not use them, but the stew is just as nice, since i put in cinnamon. if u got aniseed, and cardomon they can be even better. but it is not necessary, i did not use them as i dont have any.

i did find some powdered mixed spices in a bottle, left over from somewhere so i threw that in. haha. 

i know, this is a funny recipe where half the ingredients i mention i dont use, because i dont have them, but really it is good whether u use them or not. i have found that really a lot of stuff is not that necessary if u have the one important ingredient.  the soya sauce is the important ingredient.

this new format seem to give more prominence to categories, instead of tags. to this day i dont know what the categories are good for, so i never use it. oh well, here goes, posting it right now. 

added, i searched a bit to see what others have said about the new wordpress, and saw this link ,’ introducing  our new editor’. i read it on the newsletter that came in my reader, but did not think it applies to me. after all, they often talk of new looks that people can download to alter the appearance of their weblogs, so i thought it was another one of those. but i see it does affect me, (even though i did not download it) and they call it ‘editor’. 


5 Responses to “oh dear another change of format at wordpress”

  1. Sarah M Tuesday November 17, 2015 at 7:34 am #

    I think men have a choice whether to shave (although I also don’t like beards at all either) . Women also have a choice about using sanitary products; we could all go back to the dark ages and make stuff out of tissues and such or use washable sponges (and there’s a lot of women without much money, or women in countries in sub saharan Africa for instance who still do that), but most of us really don’t want to live like that anymore. However tampons should be medical (vat-free) whereas razors, really, are cosmetic (which has vat)

    I think the vat on sanitary products thing is sidelining other things that are more important;
    Women are effectively working for free this month and next, even though we supposedly have equal pay. I think that’s a more useful thing to campaign against, rather than a couple of quid on a box of tampons.

    • alifesgayventure Tuesday November 17, 2015 at 8:25 am #

      that working for free, puzzles me a bit. this country has equal pay for women and men, that is the law and strictly enforced too. so where did this women being paid less comes from? is it some kind of statistics legerdemain? like take a broad statistic total men earnings minus total women earnings. equals shortfall, adjust for days of the year and voila!!! as they have often said, there are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics.

      • Sarah M Tuesday November 17, 2015 at 8:36 am #

        It comes from the idea that jobs that women traditionally do are not valued by society and attract lower wages, plus women not being as likely to get promoted .

      • alifesgayventure Tuesday November 17, 2015 at 8:44 am #

        ah ha, that means changing the whole mindset of society and attitudes that have been held since history began. the amazonians tried to do that if mythology can be an indication of history. they did it by belittling their men, to the extent of removing them from their society. i wonder if we want that. or change women’s biology so they are not the only ones capable of child birth. let men carry the baby for a change. who knows with the way we are changing biology we might just do that. then it will be truly equal and both sexes can have the choice of who gives birth to baby. with all this hooha about transgenderfication… that time might be nearer than we think.

      • Sarah M Tuesday November 17, 2015 at 9:27 am #

        No 2 wrongs don’t make a right and I hate the way advertising now often belittles men, really as a way of patronising and selling to women.
        But maybe if people start pointing out the subtle sexism in society then slowly it starts to change.
        The whole baby thing is why men and women are never truly equal. But that doesn’t mean women have to sit back and accept lower pay or accept that our contribution to society is viewed as inferior.

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