de transitioning

17 Nov

london 8.56am tuesday 2015

i was chatting in my comment in a previous post about the possibility of men having babies, and saying with all the transgender thing going on, with men turninginto women, and vice versa, who knows one day in the future we shall have true equality with the sexes and men can take their place in being able to give birth. i wonder if in that future there will be men shifting to female just to have a baby and then shifting back again… or women after having a baby shift to being men. 

saw this article in vice about a transgender person going under the knife to change back into what was before. all done on the nhs too… which makes me say the nhs should not be doing any transitional surgery at all.

its a wonder she did not sue the nhs too…after all, i think if she argued that the nhs should have assessed her carefully and should have prevented her from doing something that might harm her, she could win it. and if she does i would say serve the nhs right . after all, it is a well established rule that just because a patient says they want it, does not mean they can… it is the duty of the doctors to treat the true condition and not the symptom. it appears that the person had undergone transition surgery thinking that it will get rid of her depression. 

 well, if she successfully sues the nhs, that way she gets her cake and eats it and also make money out of it.

i think the nhs should not meddle in this…this is a private matter that the patient must find their own resources to get the surgery done… maybe the long delay in getting the funds might serve to clarify what the person really wants, after they have lived a bit longer…

 the same goes with IVF(in vitro fertilisation), if people cannot afford the cost of IVF, they would not be able to afford to bring up a kid. if nature does not make it simple to just conceive and give birth on their own accord, the nhs have no business making it happen by artificial means.

be careful what u wish for, you will get it



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