the new wordpress editor

17 Nov

london 8.33am cloudy 13.7C tuesday 2015

my word, this new editor is real fast. before it always begins with a boop beep de boob haha. which i find rather fun myself, but i know it irritates others. they complain about it but never realise it is an option that u can disable if u know how.

but this time it just comes up so fast it sort of shocks you. at least it did me when it happened to me first time.

it looked so strange too. and the words are so much smaller. my old man eye sight noticed that straight away. luckily i can make it bigger by selecting heading 3, and i think they realise a lot of people need this option, because now it is placed prominently on the first line of the toolbar. before it was hidden in the second line. now the select colour button is on the second line.

hmm, i can anticipate a lot of people moaning about this new editor, it takes a bit of time getting used to , then u adjust yourself and it does not become strange and u find it may even be better. haha. it must be a great boon to people who like newness, and variety . another thing to play about with. haha. 

One Response to “the new wordpress editor”

  1. finnwest2015 Tuesday November 17, 2015 at 12:52 pm #

    Cant use it on a fucking android device either

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