an enjoyable day

19 Nov

london 1.49pm 11.3C raining thursday 2015

the day progresses splendidly.

i decided to go to the free burger and beer offer by the well, a pub off st john’s street, in the middle of an area with angel at one end, and farringdon at the other.

they are celebrating their 15 yrs. thank you to them for doing it. very generous of them.

i went to angel, and walked down , it was raining,and arrived about quarter to 12pm when it was supposed to start. there were very few people queueing outside and i thought it must be the rain putting them off. at the head of the queue was a young guy , an indian guy who told me he took early lunch to get there. normally lunch , he said his lunch is from 12pm-2pm. ( come to think of it, it is very long… he says he works in the IT business.) he heard of this via facebook, i heard of it via a newsletter emailed to me by londonist.

then he said lets go in, even though it was not yet 12pm, and just inside the entrance they were giving away free bottle of beer, and directing us downstairs, where we got a place to sit with a low lying  table. there were a few other people seated in that downstairs room allready.

later a huge crowd of people came trooping down the stairs and i said to the guy, i am glad i met you. i would have stayed upstairs queueing, and would not be able to get a seat. and what’s more because we were all early, all of us got the burger served to us, very quickly.

it was very nice burger, cooked medium rare, so that it was pink in the inside which i like. now that i am used to eating it like that i find i prefer it much more than the well done burgers u get in macdonalds or burgerking. also they dont make it salty either, which is great. they have a table full of condiments that u can add if u like, but my new found friend, and his girl friend who joined us , did not bother. they both looked indian, but seem not to be adverse to eating beef. though the girl did not finish the burger.

later,when i left, there was a huge crowd queueing outside, and the place was crowded. they have a cake shaped like the number 15. perhaps they will cut it later… but i was glad to be going haha. it is nice to have these freebies.

i went there by tube as it is quicker, but on the way back i arrived at the bus stop just as the 38 came, so i took that. it was nice to be inside the bus out of the rain. then i shifted to the 88.  there were so many of them it is like having a surfeit of them. 2 came at the same time. i have seen 3 tagging each other.

nice thing about london, buses are so often , u dont need to run for a bus, another one will come along soon enough. 

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