my chromebook is working all right now

19 Nov

london 10.38am rainy 12.5C thursday 2015

yesterday i took the chromebook and the charger (which had conked out) to john lewis, as i bought it there and they have a 2yr guarantee. i was hoping it covers the charger, but unfortunately the charger has a 1yr guarantee. so i was resigned to not having any chromebook till simon got back about 3days later.

but yesterday night, he surprised me by coming back early. he had not got my email and phone messages. but he had brought the charger he brought online. quite an expensive affair at £35. i saw one of these in maplin in great portland place, and it is only one voltage 19V and that cost £30. i did not buy it because i know my kind of charger cost about £5 in the street market stalls. it is just a matter of finding them. but now that simon has got one , and a real good one, i hope we dont have that trouble with chargers anymore. 

it is the first time i seen that charger and it is a real sophisticated one with a control that let u set the voltage… my old charger is 19V, and it got a range of sizes of plugs, so can fit anything , mobiles, laptops etc.

so i got my chromebook charged, but to my dismay the whatsis , that arrow that u control by fingering on the touch pad, was frozen.

ah well, i thought, that means i shall have to go to john lewis again. well this morning i went there, and as is typical of life, when i was sitting there waiting my turn, i thought i better check and see if it is still frozen, and of course, it worked ok. typical isn’t it? anyway john lewis was near the marylebone library so here i am .

i could go for the free coffee in john lewis,i suppose ; they do really good coffee,but i did not feel like having one.

so that ends my saga of the chromebook. a lot of to- do about nothing; and alls well that ends well. what will we do if we dont have these small things to write about hey?

added. 5.54pm thursday 19.11.15 , i charged up my chromebook using simon’s expensive charger, and found that when it is plugged in and charging , it freezes the whatsis, the pointer that u move on the screen with a finger on the touch screen. so it is not as good as my old charger, where i can carry on using the chromebook whilst it is being charged. this one i have to stop doing anything and let it charge and have to unplug it if i want to carry on using the chromebook. something so expensive cannot do anything as simple as the old cheap charger can do. i suppose it is progress ! not.

added 4.46pm friday 20.11.15 i put the old charger into the recycling bins, one that has a non retrievable door to prevent thieves. but i now found out that i could do with the fuse in that plug. it is  5amp (short for ampere) fuse. this is because i found out just now that simon’s old charger which i thought was not working when i tested it, has no fuse in it. at that time, we do not know how to open the fuse box in the plug. nowadays modern plugs have a door built in the plug which enables u to replace the fuse without unscrewing the whole plug and opening its backside. (nowadays they dont have screws at the back so u cannot unscrew it anymore).

but this particular model we dont know how to open the box… one of those modern conundrums. the design is too arty and farty. i know both of us are supposed to belong to the most intelligent species on earth, but we could not figure out how to open it.

 just now i thought i shall try again with it, because i thought it might fit simon’s laptop and not mine. and accidentally found out how it opens. it just flips open and we found  there was no fuse in there. so i put in a fuse from the spares that i keep in the flat and lo, it works on mine. not on simon’s new laptop though. what a saga. on hindsight i should have kept the fuse from the old plug before i throw it away, as it is i have to use  a 10amp fuse instead of a 5amp fuse. but anyway i am using the charger now and it is so much better than the expensive one because i can continue doing things on my chromebook whilst it is being charged.

also this charger is a cheap thing and so i am not afraid to carry it about and use it in the library. it wont be stolen so readily .

interesting all these developments… but i can see this modern life with our gadgets do make our life a bit troublesome when these gadgets stop working. or we get puzzled by not knowing how to work it.

it also makes me aware why the adaptor always seem to go off and stop working so easily. the 5amp fuse is not enough protection, as it really is 3.4amps. so any power surge for eg taking it out of the socket or plugging it in whilst the power is on, can produce a surge of power. i shall make sure i switch it off at the socket , or unplug at the chromebook end before i pull the plug from the socket. 


2 Responses to “my chromebook is working all right now”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday November 20, 2015 at 4:17 pm #

    Ha ha! You cannot win! I agree that something more expensive may not be as good. Glad you sorted out your charger in a way 🙂

    • alifesgayventure Friday November 20, 2015 at 4:44 pm #

      it turned out to be even sillier. it seems simon’s old charger works, we did not know it has no fuse in it. but i only just threw away my old charger with its fuse into the recycling bin this morning, it has a 5am fuse. so now i have to use a 10am fuse because that is the only one i got that is close to 5amps. botheration, that should teach me to throw things away too soon. haha. but anyway i got his old charger to use now which is better than the expensive one he bought.

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