talktalk upgrade free

21 Nov

london 12.25pm 6.2C sunny saturday 2015

i got another letter from dido harding the CEO of talktalk. saying talk talk is giving us all free upgrades from 1dec. and we can chose what we want from the list.

a huge range of tv content,

a mobile sim with a monthly allowance of text, data and calls. (this one i shall want), i get 100minutes of calls, 250texts,200MB data. 

unlimited landline and mobile calls( torn between this and the other but i think the mobile sim will win.) this landline offer is really unlimited, talk for 60mins, then cut the call, and ring again and can talk for another 60mins. which to chose? 

or a free broadband health check.

i think i shall go for the mobile sim. what a nice lot of goodies to chose from. christmas has come early for all of us talktalk customers.

its a pity that i cannot find a cheap smartphone otherwise i might be tempted to buy one for this mobile sim. maybe  i can look out for a second hand one. 

i bet all those who left talktalk must be kicking themeselves for overreacting so quickly. some might say it is wrong for talktalk to tell everyone of it before they have found out the extent of the hack, but i think if they didn’t, everyone will accuse them of covering up. so i think they were right to make it public as soon as they found out. in the end it was not as big as they feared.

and in the letter she mentioned one facility that they have made available for free… that i could block the last caller. now that is great. i think in the past they have made it something we have to pay for.

i have been getting a lot of these nuisance calls, complete silence on the phone when i pick it up to answer, and then when i look up who is calling, it is a 002 number.

00 here in uk means it is from overseas but nowadays that is no indication of the actual place from where these calls are made. i always put down the phone if i get these calls. and they have been rather persistent, sometimes i get 3 calls a day. i will have great satisfaction in blocking them from now on. haha. 




2 Responses to “talktalk upgrade free”

  1. Sarah M Sunday November 22, 2015 at 7:24 am #

    Aren’t those calls normally call centres in India or somewhere? Their machine auto-dials so many calls an hour and if there isn’t a worker free to make the sales call then you get a silent line. Not sure callblocker works on those.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday November 22, 2015 at 7:37 am #

      from what i see, it only blocks that number they use for the last call. they could of course use another number which they must have loads of. i guess it is a way of giving us the feeling we are in control of it. haha. and to give us the satisfaction of blocking that number.
      it is like blocking email addresses. it just gives me a great deal of satisfaction to be able to block them. with emails, it works because i seldom have many unwanted emails. with calls at least i wont get anymore from that number. i sometimes get 3 calls on the same day from that same number.

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