controlling pop up adverts and videos that automatically start playing

24 Nov

london 7.17am 9.8C rain sunrise 7.32am tuesday 2015

wordpress has a new feature  called discovery which replaces their ‘freshly pressed’.

i think it is really a good idea as it lets us find out new blogs .

i found one called the overspill, it gathers the items of interests all over the net . one of which is that EE is suggesting that mobile users given more control over the ads that comes up, like pop up ads, or videos that start up without warning (it happens with me too even though i get them in my chromebook… sometimes it is a video in the body of the article, which starts when u scroll down to it; other times it is elsewhere and i have to search all over the page to find where that ad is…all the time it is making noise at full volume… very irritating. sometimes the ad wont allow u to close it. when that happens i close the page or backarrow it. 

reading it , it makes me realise i am not the only one affected. haha. it seems i am not the target , the target is all the mobile users. and with their small screens they cannot escape it, as it blocks the whole screen and they cannot do anything else. at least with me, i can just hit the mute button and cut out the noise. the overspill editor said it is ad blocking. i suppose it is but if they dont control the ads, it will mean a lot of us will just switch off the page…(or maybe i am optimistic about the numbers of people who will do that. people like me are few.)

take for eg ads in news videos … before the item appears u are subjected to ads of varying length. with me, if that ad is more than 20secs long i close the whole thing, rather than continue to watch.

i wonder if there are others who do that too… maybe for ads that are 1 minute long.

it would depand on how tolerant they are… but to me, nothing is so interesting that i would sit through an ad of over 20secs.

so now if i am tempted to open up a video, i ask myself do i really want to see it? knowing there will be that ad to wait through. and many times i pass.

maybe i do that because i dont really like to see videos, they take such a long time to make their point. i rather read about it… that way i can quickly skip through till i get to the nub of what they want to say, without all the padding… and if i like the point i might go back and read their arguements or read more details about it.

i wonder if it is only me who do that. perhaps not, since videos are so popular now. maybe it is all due to mobile users, their small screens make it not easy to read, and so easier to see a video of it. 

that overspill page also contains one that explains why prince charles blames climate change for the syrian revolution. it seems drought of a severity that is unprecedented (hence the blame on climate change) cause so many farmers to leave their farm and move to the city to find work, causing price rises. (click on the heading in that link and it will bring u to the original website where a cartoon strip gives a graphic highly dramatic illustration.)

that explains why prince charles blames climate change. when i first read him in a news article, i thought he was overstating the case. personally i think droughts and floods are extreme variations that can happen, afterall dont they used to blame el nino or el nina? in the past those got blamed for any extremes. now they blame climate change. so what  has changed? fashion, i think, it is not sexy to blame el nino anymore. that is old fashioned. 

i have just realised that websites like overspill may be double edged. in that they aggregate news so people get to know of it, but at the same time, by being able to read it off site, these same readers are not directed to the original site. even the link i give is to the overspill site, and not the original website. why dont i link to the original site? too lazy , it involves a lot more clicking of links… i know my bad. 



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