24 Nov

london 6.44pm tuesday 2015 9.8C

i am looking at this tv program now about two transgender people in love. and it suddenly occurred to me that what i am feeling now, damn confused, is what my parents must have felt when i came out to them.

what is all this about? men wanting to be women, and vice versa. i dont get it. now i know  how my parents must have felt.

ah well, at least here no one close to me have come out like that, so i dont have to deal with it in a personal capacity.

it gets dark so early now,that by 4.30pm i keep thinking it is late, and it is 8.30pm. i felt so sleepy too at that time, so i went to sleep and woke up just now and it is only 6.30pm. and there is still all these hours of night to get through.

my friend came to london by train to waterloo station (he managed to get the £1 ticket) at 2pm. at that time, thank goodness the train station was not busy. he said the train was not busy either. not many want to travel at this time of year i guess. he asked whether i want to go with them to a hotel in cornwall offering £49 a night room for two special offer. i said no, as it was like 200 miles from bournemouth where he and my other friend lives. that place was at the tip of cornwall,near lands end. so isolated. 

 before i took him back showing him the bus to take, he wanted to see if the IMAX cinema nearby has cheap tickets. the cheapest was £17. last time he came  he managed to get free tickets for spectre, but unfortunately when he did decide togo and see it , he found all the free seats taken. this time he had no luck to get another lot of free seats. haha. it is the first time i visited the lobby of the IMAX. live here for ages and i never knew such a place exist.

from the outside it looks like a gas storage depot. it was all round and sitting in the middle of a roundabout. no signage to show what it was…the entrance was hidden away.

 in fact there was an advert for iphone6 on the surface of the round structure so that with its name, i thought it was an advert for an imax, some appliance that apple has invented that i have not heard about.haha. it has a nice men’s toilet and the lobby is quiet and restful actually with lots of seating. i am sure it must be crowded if a show is going on, but for now, at about 2.30pm it was quite nice actually, if u want a loo, and a rest. 

 now he has gone out, lucky i put out the spare key for him before i went to sleep.  so  he can go off and enjoy himself and london.

thank goodness i dont have to act the host and show him round london so i dont have to join him, which is how i want it… i prefer my beauty sleep rather than be dragged by him all over london. haha.

added he came back with a large umbrella, he found it. it has the logo of a gambling website.

and he got some stuff that a lady was about to leave at the recycling bins near the flat. she said she was too tired to hand them into a charity shop. he said he will take them for her. there were lots of mason jars, and african gourds decorated with black designs. he said they can be candle holders. they look like something u would buy as souvenirs if u go to africa.

mason jars are something that u feel should come in useful, and you feel reluctant to just throw them away. but really when u actually try to think of anything to do with them, there is nothing.

they are really good mason jars too,with intact rubber rings in the lid to give a air tight seal. but i cannot think of what to do with them. there were 6 of them. i dont pickle things, or they will come in useful for that. nor do i make jam. trendy hipster cafes use them for drinks. but it is really difficult to drink from as the rim is so thick, that u have to drink through a straw.

 i found this in the wordpress longread about mason jars.


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