microwave oven went kaput today.

25 Nov

london 4.52pm 10.4C dark outside. wednesday

i threw away my spare microwave recently. a few days ago,simon suddenly took it to himself to clean the kitchen. and wanted me to clear out all the empty coffee glass jars, etc, and also wanted me to get rid of the old microwave that has been sitting in a case under the kitchen table all this time ever since he bought the microwave we had been using.

can’t remember when he bought it. but as life would have it, when i have thrown away that old one , what happened, but this morning the microwave went kaput. typical isn’t it?

well i shall not do anything about it, if simon’s soul wants a simple life uncluttered with microwave, it has it. lets see how it likes it not to have a microwave. might do his soul good. who knows. haha. might make us appreciate a microwave more too and cure us of throwing away things. all those guru books telling us to declutter… i am coming to the view that they dont know what they are talking about.

to me, what would make our lives much more fun is to go about always looking to find things.

i wont mind finding a working microwave in the recycling bins now.

ah well, mustn’t grumble. haha. its not all bad news. i saw i got £200 in my account from the winter fuel people. and centrica, which runs british gas, sent me a dividend cheque of £40… so i went to the local branch of my bank to bank it. and saw they have changed the coffee machine to something more complicated and don’t put out spare coffee packs or milk pods nearby.

 so i ask the sales guys hanging around how it works, and he went to a back room and got me a coffee pod, and showed me  how it works. so i got my coffee. 

i guess too many people are popping in to drink the coffee haha. certainly that time i was there, there were lots of empty chairs, when in the past when i have gone there, all the chairs are taken with people sitting there.

all good things must come to an end, i suppose. now u have to ask them for a coffee pod instead of helping yourself like in the past. 

in fact any day now, i am expecting waitrose to stop its free coffee too. they must be losing money with that scheme. so far they  had resorted to making people go the desk to ask for a cup. or put up a out of order sign, or a machine being cleaned sign.

 when it happens and they finally stop it, i am sure we shall all have to be philosophical about it and consider it fun while it lasts. i am glad i dont like coffee that much , not brewed coffee… i prefer instant coffee and very weak ones at that.

you know life can be just as much fun bringing your own coffee in a thermos flask.  i enjoyed it in the past before they give away free coffee.

even now i still have yet to redeem the coffee i got from the sainsbury points system. its for free coffee from cafe nero.

but enough about all these petty things.

i hope people are having fun with their lives. here with the christmas decorations up , it looks very festive and very nice. my friend says there is a big  tree (presumably an artificial one) suspended in regent st. or bond st… when he was walking about there yesterday. so all very festive. 

added.28.11.15 saturday .well simon came back from his mum’s and brought with him a new microwave. he actually ordered one from argos on the night my old one broke, but the website must be swamped because he did not get a confirmation email for him to collect at the victoria branch of the argos store. so it seems he ordered another one from tesco and this is it. he said the argos order will be refunded if u dont go to the store after 7days to collect it. hope so, because he bought a £50 or so one from that store.

i am glad he got a cheaper one , this one cost £35. i believe in buying the cheapest one as they are all the same really. they are glorified warmer ups of liquids. this one he bought dont have a brand name, so i guess it must be made for tesco. 

whilst he was away i found out i dont really use the microwave that much and can find a substitute method to warm things. it might take a bit more time, warming things on the stove or it is something we used to do by boiling water in a kettle , before the microwave was invented.  

simon tells me he uses the microwave much more. he finds the thawing function very useful, whenever he feels hungry he can always pick out a frozen meal which we have cooked and freezed before hand and have it hot and ready to eat in a instant. that is something the microwave does very well. 






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