horrible female spider

26 Nov

london 1.53pm 10.9C cloudy thursday 2015

this video showing a female spider eating its mate after fertilisation, makes me think of what some female humanbeings in a straight relationship do to the males that circle them.

whenever i hear in the news of how a man get f..k by some woman, this image comes to mind.

 i daresay most male -female relationships are nice and harmless, and it is the news reports that are biased in giving such prominence to  narratives of male-female interaction that go bad  that gives people an impression that bad women are doing bad things to men .

so there is the bias in the news to report such horrendous outcomes.

still, when u keep reading of these males being shafted u get to wonder really. and it is difficult to tell who is to blame. it is not obvious who… the man or the woman, is the innocuous party.

 even if we observe the case of the spider, in the  video,  the apparently innocent male spider seem to be the victim, but who knows really.

maybe nature is just making sure the female has food , rather than let the male , after it has fulfilled its only function in life… to impregnate a female, to go off and die and be wasted for food; or be the food of some preying mantis or other species, which would not give any advantage to  promulgating the spider’s species. far better to be eaten by the female spider, don’t you think?

 so perhaps all these instances of women shafting their men which does happen in the human world may serve some purpose in the overall scheme of things. perhaps it is a clear signal by the women to let potential males looking to couple to steer clear of them. and after an experience like that to learn to notice the signs of a woman who is not a suitable  candidate if they are thinking of raising a brood and  raising a family.

it may serve the same function as a woman being treated badly by a man who has no desire to raise a family, for her to learn from the experience to recognise a lothario who will never settle down to raise a family.

added this blogger liked the post and when i looked in it, i saw this post which tells of a guy and girl dating and what they were thinking. hmm, interesting. it suggests why there is a misunderstanding between the sexes. quite a good eg of how it can happen. the guy wants something more, the girl just wants to be friends. something tells me straight men just cannot expect to be friends with a girl. if he is straight, he cannot help but want more from a girl. i mean if he is not sexually attracted to the girl he just wont want to go out with her for her friendship. he wont even ask her out.

whilst a girl can and want to just be friends with a man who she is not sexually attracted to and wont mind going out with someone she isnot sexually attracted to, because she just want to be friendly. is that true, do u think? and might that not be the big difference between how man and woman operate?


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