how to give grandparents a grandson if u are gay?

27 Nov

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here is a solution in china. gay guys are marrying lesbians, with the idea of producing a child. in the past, gay guys have hidden their gayness by marrying straight women without those women knowing of their gayness.

but this time,with this way no one is deceived, except the parents. even so, the parents might not mind actually, if it produces a grandson or two.

i think it is a practical solution, and enables a new generation to succeed.

i have to say the lesbian partner has to put in more of an effort, as she have to give birth to the child, that means carrying the child for 9months. so u might say she got the worst end of the stick.  maybe she should be given a monetary incentive. though u could argue she too gains as she will be appeasing her parents too. it is a mutual thing.

and then who is to look after the baby? they said they will let the grandparents look after it for the first 3yrs. which might seem logical as all this is done for their benefit, to give them a grandchild; and so they are the ones that want it so much, and fitting that they should be responsible to look after the kid. 

but i can’t quite see how that can be done, very small babies do need their mother, to breast feed or bottle feed. can old grandparents do that? maybe. i am not familiar with how easy it is for others to look after a new born baby other than the mother… i am thinking only a mother can have breast milk, unless u try to find another new mother to donate her milk.

all of this is fraught with complications. it is  easier to just come out. though it would not solve the lack of a grandchild. that lack is the biggest sadness to grandparents when they find out their only son is gay. China’s one child policy makes it worse.

when u are part of a large family, being gay is not that much of a upheaval, as your other brothers can carry on the tradition of children. that is why i am glad i got other brothers to take the load off me. haha.

but it must be difficult to be a gay only -son in china or any chinese (or for that matter , indian) family. though it is rare to be an only child in other countries. 

2 Responses to “how to give grandparents a grandson if u are gay?”

  1. Tomás Swinburne 孙柯 Monday November 30, 2015 at 3:45 pm #

    Chinese society has gone forward in some regards but it is heavily backwards when it comes to LGBT issues

  2. alifesgayventure Monday November 30, 2015 at 9:49 pm #

    to the chinese sons are very important because through sons u preserve the family name. that is why i think chinese society will never accept gay sons, they are a threat to family and lineage. the best that can be expected is that chinese society expect the gay son to produce an heir. after that he can be free to do what he likes having done his duty.

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