i received a text message on my landline

28 Nov

london 10.59am 7.7C cloudy saturday 2015

this is a new development. yesterday my landline rang and i answered it and got a recorded message saying i got a text message and to press 1 if i want to hear it, press 2 to save it, press 3 to delete it… well i hesitated as this is a novel message, and also i got visions of allowing that message as i am so wary of giving my permission to anything these days.

 then the message said hang on if u want to hear the message, press 2 to save it.. . so i just hung on and heard a message… quite a long one full of strange jargon, amidst all the jargon (words like flash for eg, i didn’t save the message so could not listen to it again.)  i failed to understand what they are selling. it was selling something.

but when have they started sending text messages to landline phones? it is very new to me. i pressed last call number and found out it is a 0845 number which is a countrywide number that is treated like a local call number.

i wonder does this mean that if i send a text message on my mobile phone to a landline number it will come out like this at the other end? how interesting. if i get anymore of such messages  i shall block that number. with that last caller block function i feel like a dictator now. haha. 

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