prevention , better than cure or look after your electrical wiring

30 Nov

london 11.59am 13.2C cloudy monday 2015

i thought i shall use this colour, a flourescent purple today. have not used it at all so this is a first time. hope it is easy to read.

i got bored using the same colours just so it stands out and is easy to read. so indulge me in this post, using a colour that may not be readable.

my life is easy. thank goodness. no big dramas and hope it keeps that way. the big drama that has just gone was that electric dysfunction. my microwave went conk suddenly.

that is the trouble with electrical stuff. they dont give any warning and just go. that is why it is always a good idea to keep a spare one.

but i always believe in a spare, so i shall still keep an eye out for a microwave in the recycling skip, even though we now have a brand new one. also i shall keep an eye out for a adaptor charger too. they tend to go without warning too.

i am using simon’s charger now, but i can see frayed wiring, where the lead comes out of the charger… that gets bent acutely. now i have stopped bending it whenever i put  the adaptor away.  i used to do that with the old adaptor and  do a  figure of 8 bending which i think might be distorting the wire. that might explain why my old adaptor went conk recently. but how to store it without the lead going all over the place? i shall try to wrap it round the adaptor. that might do.

they dont tell u not to bend it in a figure of 8, but bending the wire that way must be not good for it. i also decided to wrap cellotape over that kinked bit of wire to keep it straight, so it does not automatically bend. it might be a useless precaution and unnecessary but as they always say, a stitch in time saves nine, and i hope a simple act like this saves me another adaptor going conk.

so now i am enjoying using this new microwave that we have is not essential but still very nice to have.

today is the last day of november, and tomorrow starts the free mobile sim deal that talk talk has been writing to me about. i am looking forward to getting it. now i have to start thinking who i shall call or text. haha.

i saw a talk talk advert in the metro newspaper today… saying half price broadband and line rental of £8.85 a month. it is part of their black friday deal.

when u consider i am paying 16.99 a month now for line rental and broadband, it is a good bargain, but i cannot shift to that deal  as i am on a 18month contract. i am just glad i did not have to pay the £5 (later increased to £7.50) for the broadband which i nearly did before i ask them to give it to me free and they agreed.  otherwise it would have been a really bad contract. as it is, it is  not too bad now that they are giving me a free mobile sim with all those free calls and text.

though if i have a choice i would prefer the low half priced offer. i would chose the low cost option everytime instead of these extra freebies which i dont use that much.

broadband is essential now in my household. we use it to get hi definition tv and free tv programs and playback tv, which we are finding is necessary now.

just goes to show doesn’t it? that when u upgrade to a hi def tv, u need all these so called extras that u did not want before. that is how we get unknowingly drawn to these things and find we cannot do without them now.

such is life. really. and then we get onto wordpress and have a blog and start interacting with other bloggers in wordpress and find we are so liking it that we continue blogging and getting involved with other wordpress bloggers and come to enjoy their daily chats. 

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