just chatting

1 Dec

london 4.59pm 14.3C ( so mild today) tuesday 2015

i was looking out in my email for talk talk to tell me  how to get my free mobile sim with 100free mins, 250 free text and 200MB of data that they are giving all of us talktalk subscribers for all the hacking scare that we had to go through; but nothing came in my email.

so i logged into my talktalk account and saw it, a button labeled free upgrade.  i could wait till 9dec when they will allow me to do it online or if i want it now i can call them on a 0800 (free call) number . but the number was so busy that i was put on hold for quite some time and i decided to take the 3rd option, which is to click on their call line, and a conversation box popped up . at first i thought it was voice , but no, it was written conversation. and i told the person that i wanted the mobile sim option, and was told to call a 0800 number. so i called it and an indian sounding woman answered. her accent was quite strong and i had some trouble understanding her. she asked me how many minutes i will need, and how many people will use my phone and told me i can up the free minutes. i think she wanted to sell me more minutes and a paid plan. but i said 100 mins is more than enough for anyone and i just want the free sim card.  so she said my sim will arrive within 5 days.

she mentioned that when the 12months is up i shall be charged , but it think she was mistaken because when i looked it up in my account, it specifically said that 

Whichever free upgrade you choose, we guarantee that when it comes to an end, we’ll remove it from your account – no strings attached.

though i am always a sceptical person and i shall make a note of it in my calendar so that i remember to tell them not to renew  it at this same time next year.

though they might be hoping that i like it so much that i will want to continue. who knows really, it can happen. something we feel we dont want, when we get to use it, we find it so useful that we may decide to continue with it and be happy to pay the money.

life is like that,  we dont miss something because we never have it,  but once we get to find out and begin to use it, we get to like it so much, we cannot do without it, and we are caught. 

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