things are not what they seem

3 Dec

london 7.29am 13.2C (sunrise 7.46am) thursday 2015

can’t believe it is 13.2C. yesterday’s high was 14C. low 12.5C. such small variation throughout the 24hr period. there was  a south wind, which might explain it.

you may have heard of the CEO of a credit card processing company called gravity giving all his 70 employees $70,000 a year salaries. well, this article tells us there is more to it than is apparent. he got a writ from his brother, who is a minority partner saying  he paid himself too much before he announced the pay rise to his staff.

so u can ask  is he being generous to  his staff at the expense of his brother? and to pre-empt that writ?

which brings in the question are businesses there to benefit the customers and employees, or to benefit the shareholders/owners?

there was in the news a vietnamese owner of a restaurant in london who decided to donate 40% of their profit to charitable works in vietnam. so far it came to £250,000.

someone made the comment how about if they first pay their workers a good wage from the profits. bring the charity home  first before spreading it to vietnam. the owners say the money goes further in vietnam.  

so it would seem owners are being generous and gettng all the kudos by doing charity donations from the profits, whilst the staff pays for it in  both being worked hard and not getting generous pay. but isn’t that what is always the case. u get the rockfellers , who donated a lot to charity and have their name linked to it, on the backs of years of exploitation of their workers and suppliers… and countries from their exploitation of oil where their wealth derives.

though there is the exception in bill gates and more recently facebook founder whatisname. (i know my memory is bad, his name escapes me for the moment) and i am too lazy to google it. haha. but i am sure there are tax advantages to it.

dgive it all to charity, and u dont have to pay tax on it. and still be able to use it like your own money to spend on whichever charity u decide. not to mention all the good kudos u get for your gesture. win-win all round. right? 

added 12.52pm i am wondering what if he offers to pay off greece’s debt? that would help so many people won’t it? let greece start off with a clean slate and dont have to pay all those interests charges and the debt itself.

 i am indulging in a pipe dream as the greek debt is huge. about 300billion euros.


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